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99 ways to tell someone good-bye (for good)
Ahab (Moby Dick) – Ernestine AndersonBorromeo (Palestrina) – Ray Charles – Fats DominoThe Flamingos – Billie Holiday – Lonnie Johnson – Harmon Jones – Wally Lewis – W. S. Maugham – Little Milton – Guy Mitchell – Buck Owens – Johnnie Ray – Otis Rush – Jack Scott – Ernest Tubb
Valani (Die schwarze Galeere) – Billy Walker – Dinah Washington – Jess Willard – Hank Williams

„Here's your clothes and there's the door what a heck of you're waitin' for
Cause there's gonna be some changes made around here.”

Ernest Tubb: There's Gonna Be Some Changes Made

„I hear your knocking, baby, at my door,
But you know – you ain't livin' here no more.“

Ernestine Anderson: „Never Make Your Move Too Soon“ (Stix Hooper – Will Jennings)
Monty Alexander, piano; Ray Brown, bass; Frank Gant, drums – San Francisco, August 1980
Paßt nicht hier zu den Fifties; ich bring's aber trotzdem, weil's so genial ist.
Ein heisser Ehekrach gipfelt in:
Sie: "I laaf no auf und davo!"
Er: "Brauchst ned, i fohr de in Bahnhof auße, wos sogatn do d Leid".
(nach dem Landshuter Autor Albert Sigl: Sonnham; sigl Rezension: Albert Sigl: die gute haut)
"Ninety nine years in the penitentiary
Ninety nine years, baby, baby wait for me
Ninety nine years, around twenty-fiftyfive
We'll get together, dead or alive."
Guy Mitchell Ninety Nine Years (Dead or Alive) 19.12.1955 Columbia
& Jimmy Carroll Orch.; # 23 in 1956
"Yes, you can pack your suitcase, I don't want you here no more."
Fats Domino You Can Pack Your Suitcase 14.3.1954 Imperial
"Oh, you ainna gonna have Ol' Buck to kick around no more
The last time was the last time and this time it's for sure
The next time that'ch you hear will be the slamming of the door
And you ain't gonna have Ol' Buck to kick around no more"
Buck Owens You Ain't Gonna Have Ol' Buck To Kick Around No More 20.6.1972 Capitol
“Geh, ich bitte dich, gehe und quäle mich nicht länger durch dein heiteres Gesicht.”
Kapitän Antonio Valani zu Leone della Rota in: Wilhelm Raabe. Die schwarze Galeere.
"Well, when I woke up this mornin', there was a note up on my door,
said: »Don't make me no coffee, babe, 'cause I won't be back no more« ...
... Now I went down to the bank this mornin' the cashier said with a grin:
»I feel so sorry for you Hank, but your wife has done been in.«"
Hank Williams & The Drifting Cowboys Dear John 21. 12. 1950 MGM 10904

"I want lots of mileage between you and me, my dear"
Billy Walker I've Got Leaving on my Mind Juni 1956 Hicks
... she says: "Get your suitcase in your hand
You're leavin' here, you understand?"
And I say: "But honey! Let go my hair
And let me in, it's cold out here!
Ha, somebody done changed the lock on my front door and my door-key just don't fit no more. Ah, well, move over dog, dog move over, please!"
Wally Lewis Lover Boy 13.6.1960 Liberty F-55211

"There's a train leaving ev'ry fifteen minutes, if you ain't satisfied here
There's a train leaving ev'ry fifteen minutes, and I'll be glad to pay your fare."
Jess Willard There's a Train Leaving (Ev'ry Fifteen Minutes) Capitol 1562
"Deutschland ist reich an vortrefflichen Bahnverbindungen!" Arthur Schnitzler "Große Szene"

"You can pack your clothes
And start walking out the door"
Harmon Jones Pack Your Clothes (Jones) ca. 1957, East-West 104; = Hamp Jones
"If you will be so good as to turn your head slightly to the left, you will see the door. I wish you good afternoon." Charles Strickland zum Ich-Erzähler William Somerset Maugham in The Moon and Sixpence.
   "... Nun, ich geh'!
    Nach Schwefel riecht's in Eurer Näh'!"
Carlo Borromeo, römischer Kardinal, zu Giovanni Pierluigi Palestrina in Hans Pfitzners Oper Palestrina
"I can't quit you, baby, but I got to put you down for awhile."
Otis Rush I Can't Quit You Baby (Willie Dixon) 1956 Cobra
Little Milton 1968 Checker
"If you can't play it my way, well now baby—get lost!"
Dinah Washington
Baby Get Lost (Leonard Feather) 4.3.1949 Mercury;
Billie Holiday 19.9.1949 Decca
"Baby, when you read this I'll be gone ...
 Call up the baker, cancel the cake. There'll be no wedding today."
Johnnie Ray No Wedding Today (Wayne-Demetruis-Schroeder-Engberg) 1956 Columbia
"I've got news for you baby: Read the sign up on the door.
 I want you to pack up everything you got, don't bother to close the door!"
Lonnie Johnson, vocals, guitar. I Got News for You, Baby (Lonnie Johnson), Prestige
"Baby, there's some changes made. I've got to get rid of you!"
Lonnie Johnson, vocals, guitar. I've Got to Get Rid of You (Lonnie Johnson), Prestige
"There is one God that is Lord over the earth,
 and one Captain that is lord over the Pequod.—On deck!"
Captain Ahab to chief-mate Starbuck; Herman Melville Moby Dick Chapter 109
"Hit the road Jack, and donch' you come back no more, no more, no more, no more!"
Ray Charles Hit The Road Jack (Percy Mayfield), 1961 ABC-Paramount
"Put your rings on the table, slowly walk out the door. Separation's now granted: you don't live here anymore." Jack Scott Separation's Now Granted (Jack Scott), 1964 RCA
"Please wait for me for I shall return.
My love for you will forever burn.
Though we must part there's no reason to cry.
Just say: So long. Because lovers never say goodbye."
The Flamingos Lovers Never Say Goodbye (Johnson/Wilson), 1958 End

OK, OK, zu 99 fehlen noch ein paar.

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