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Michael Jubien: "Could This Be Magic?" (1)
The Philosophical Review, Vol. C, 2 (1991). 249–267.
(1) Apologies to The Dubs
Michael Jubien, siehe jubien Links
Arbeitsschwerpunkte: Metaphysics, Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics, Philosophy of Language
Jubien's essay "Could This Be Magic?" deals with possible worlds and "magical ersatzers".
dubs The Dubs, siehe jubien Links
Richard Blandon (lead), Cleveland Stills, Bill Carlisle, James Miller, and Tommy Grate (who replaced Tommy Gardner as bass after their first Gone release)
Angel Mine 1955 unreleased
Hurry Up Honey 1955 unreleased
Workin' For My Baby 1956 unreleased
Don't Ask me To Be Lonely / Darling 1957 Johnson 102 / Gone 5002
Could This Be Magic / Such Lovin' 1957 Gone 5011
Beside My Love / Gonna Make A Change 1958 Gone 5020
Be Sure My Love / Song In My Heart 1958 Gone 5034
Chapel of Dreams / Is There A Love For Me 1958 Gone 5046
further recordings on ABC, End, Gone etc.    
Could This Be Magic (version 2) / Blue Velvet 1964 Lana 115
JubienMichael Jubien, Professor at the University of Florida
The Dubs: dubsWikipedia
jubien Philosophische Themen
dubs Pop und Philosophie
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jubien jubienMichael Jubien: Contemporary Metaphysics: An Introduction. Cambridge, Mass. Blackwell, 1997. Taschenbuch, 224 Seiten jubien
Michael Jubien: Ontology, Modality, and the Fallacy of Reference. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1993. Gebunden, 140 Seiten jubien

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