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Bibliografien, Diskussion und Links zur Erkenntnistheorie –
Bibliographies, Discussion, and Links for Epistemology
review Rezensionenreview Reviews
clayMarjorie Clay: "Teaching Theory of Knowledge. A Publication Developed at the 1986 NEH Summer Institute on the Theory of Knowledge"
GinetCarl Ginet: Knowledge, Perception, and Memory. Reidel 1975
ErkenntnistheoriePeter D. Klein: "Epistemology". Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy
ErkenntnistheorieMatthias Steup: " Epistemology". Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
ErkenntnistheorieDavid A. Truncellito: "Epistemology". Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
ErkenntnistheorieErkenntnistheorie (Wikipedia)
review Suchmaschinen zur Philosophie
Bibliografien und mehr
Torin AlterTorin Alter: Knowledge Argument: Annotated Bibliography
EpistemologyCanadian Society for Epistemology
conditionalConditionals Bibliography
deroseKeith DeRose: The Epistemology Page
deroseKeith DeRose: Contextualism in Epistemology
epistemologyEpistemeOnline StoreEpistemePresentations and Demonstrations
BüchereiErkenntnistheorie – Philosophische Bücherei: Kommentierte Internet-Ressourcen zur Philosophie
kliThe KLI Theory Lab - Epistemology, Philosophy of Science
knowledgeThe Knowledge, Mind and Value Project
Keith KorczKeith Korcz: The Epistemology Research Guide
Keith Korczhist-analytic viele Artikel online, wie Bruce Aune: "Does Knowledge Have an Indubitable Foundation?"
rationalityMindPapers: 7.2d. RationalityA bibliography of work in the philosophy of mind, the philosophy of cognitive science, and the science of consciousness. Compiled by David Chalmers (Editor) & David Bourget (Assistant Editor), Australian National University
Regress Bibliografie zum Lotterie- und Vorwort-Paradox
Regress Bibliografie zum unendlichen Regress der epistemischen Rechtfertigung
Blogs, Diskussion, Foren, Konferenzen, Vorträge
RevisionBelief Revision
This Webauftritt is designed to provide useful resources and pointers into the world of Belief Revision
RevisionBelief Revision Blog
BrendelBrendel, Elke: "Paradoxien des Wissens"Antrittsvorlesung an der Uni Bonn,  8. 12. 2010 – Video
FormalCenter for Formal Epistemology, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
blogCertain Doubts (weblog)
blogChoice & Inference (weblog)
DretskeDretske’s Account of Knowledge Against Some Epistemological Cases
blogEPISTEME listserv
blogEpistemic Value blog
EuropaEuropean Epistemology Network
barnFake Barn Country
Formal epistemologyFormal epistemology concerns the application of formal methods to the study of knowledge and its role in reasoning, decision making, and action. – Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Formal epistemologyFormal Epistemology Emmy Noether Junior Research Group, University of Konstanz
fepFormal Epistemology Project (FEP) – The Project is directed by Igor Douven, and combines methodological and research expertise from philosophy, logic, probability theory, psychology, cognitive science, and artificial intelligence. – Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
forum8th Annual Formal Epistemology Workshop 2011
InformationThe Informational Turn - Philosophy, Information, Logic
forumForum for Metaphysics and Epistemology
theoryIt's Only A Theory A Group Blog Devoted to the General Philosophy of Science
jtbJTB (Justification, Truth, and Belief ) -FORUM is meant to be a place for sharing queries, problems and research ideas relevant for a broadly understood theory of knowledge
LittlejohnThink Tonk: blog by Clayton Littlejohn
loriwebLogic and Rational Interaction – – Webportal for the research community
Ram Neta: NetaBlog & NetaChapel Hill Philosophy
Epistemic NormsNormativity: Epistemic and Practical
BlogOpiniatrety – Half- to Quarter-Baked Thoughts – Blog by Matt Weiner
forumphilo-welt Forum
Epistemic NormsThink Tonk – Clayton Littlejohn
forumThoughts Arguments and Rants – Brian Weatherson
TilburgThe Tilburg Center for Logic and Philosophy of Science, Tilburg University
valueThe Value of Knowledge
Online verfügbar (Mini-Auswahl)
epistemologyAdvanced Epistemology and Metaphysics, California State University, Northridge: mit Papers online
arloHoracio Arló-Costa
bachKent Bach's Home Page
Barnett, David: barnettPapers
Beckermann, Ansgar: beckermann"Wissen und wahre Meinung"
—— beckermann"Zur Inkohärenz und Irrelevanz des Wissensbegriffs"
—— beckermannLässt sich der Wissensbegriff retten? Replik auf die Kritiken von Peter Baumann, Thomas Grundmann und Frank Hofmann
BeebeJames R. Beebe, University of Buffalo: Works in Progress or Under Review; Publications
ErkenntnisClaus Beisbart: "Zweifeln und Wissen. Grundprobleme der Erkenntnistheorie", Wintersemester 2005/06
bergmannMichael Bergmann's Forthcoming Papers
BirdAlexander BirdBirdResearch
Tim Black: blackTim’s Philosophy Page, – blackTim Black’s Homepage; beispielweise
—— black"Relevant Alternatives Contextualism and Denying Closure"
bovensBovens, Luc: Bayesianism, Philosophy of Science and Epistemology
bremerBremer, ManuelbremerBremer, Manuel: "In Coherence with the Data", a short outline how a coherence theory of justification can be observation based and anti-relativistic
BonJourBonJour, Laurence Alan: "Knowledge, Justification, and Truth: A Sellarsian Approach to Epistemology", Princeton University, Diss. 1969
byrneByrne, Alex: "How Hard are the Sceptical Paradoxes?". Noûs 38 (2004): S. 299-325
DoubtsCertain Doubts: A blog devoted to matters epistemic
chandlerChandler, Jake – Centre for Logic and Analytical Philosophy, University of Leuven, Belgium
ChistensenChristensen, David
clayClay, Marjorie, Hg: Teaching Theory of Knowledge. Tallahassee, 1986
Cognitive Architectures:
cognitiveA Survey of Cognitive and Agent ArchitecturescognitiveTheories and Hypotheses Related to Cognitive Architectures
CoffmanCoffman, E.J.: Selected Papers in Progress
comesanaComesaña, Juan
thagardComputational Epistemology Laboratory
SkepticismContemporary Skepticism by Duncan Pritchard: Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
ContextualismContextualism in Epistemology and Beyond, University of Massachusetts - Amherst October 11-13, 2002
decisionDecision Systems Laboratory
Defeasibility & Discourse Dependence: DefeasibilityBibliographyDefeasibilityPapers online
Belief ChangeDynamics of Belief and its Logic – Sammlung von Aufsätzen
eagleAntony EagleeagleResearch
engelPascal Engel: online papers
ContextualismEPISTEME: Journal of Social Epistemology
Hannes Ole Matthiessen, Marcus Willaschek (2009): Lexikon: rechtfertigungEpistemische Rechtfertigung
Simon Evnine: EvninePapers
fitelsonFitelson, Branden
foleyRichard Foley, New York University
FormalFormal Epistemology Project – The Formal Epistemology Project (FEP) is an interdisciplinary research project dedicated to the investigation of the foundations and applications of formal epistemology. The Project combines methodological and research expertise from philosophy, logic, probability theory, psychology, cognitive science, and artificial intelligence.
FuhrmannAndré Fuhrmann: Vorträge und Aufsätze zum Download
GärdenforsEssays Dedicated to Peter Gärdenfors on His Fiftieth Birthday
gettierGettier, Edmund: "Is Justified True Belief Knowledge?". Analysis 23 (1963): S. 121-23
GettierGettier problem - Fourth Condition JTB+G approaches
grahamGraham, Peter J.: "Theorizing Justification", forthcoming in Michael O’Rourke, Joseph Campbell, Harry Silverstein, Hg.: Contemporary Topics in Philosophy, Vol.5: Knowledge and Skepticism.
grundmannGrundmann, Thomas: Online-Aufsätze unter Lebenslauf, Publikationen, Materialien / V. Online-Aufsätze
oder hier: grundmannInformations-Portal Prof. Dr. Thomas Grundmann – reichhaltig und hochwertig
HájekAlan Hájek, Professor of Philosophy Research School of the Social Sciences, Australian National University
HalbachVolker Halbach, Oxford PhilosophyHalbachPublications
halesHales, Steven D
—— hales"Epistemic Closure Principles". Southern Journal of Philosophy (33:2, 1995) S. 185-201
—— hales"The Problem of Intuition". American Philosophical Quarterly (37:2, 2000) S. 135-147
hargraveBob Hargrave
harmanGilbert Harman: harmanOnline Versions of Recently Published Papers
hauptliBruce W. Hauptli
HawthorneJames Hawthorne Formal Epistemology, Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics, Philosophy of Science
halesHawthorne, John: Papers Online
halesHicks, Stephen R. C.: "Foundationalism and the Genesis of Justification"
hoffmannHofmann, Frank: "Wahrheit und Wissen. Einige Überlegungen zur epistemischen Normativität" (2003)
HuemerHuemer: Michael: Epistemology papersHuemerMike's Web Page
logicInductive Logic
JackmanHenry Jackman, Department of Philosophy York UniversityJackmanPapers Available On Line
JenkinsCarrie Jenkins
KarjalainenAntti Karjalainen: Welcome to the Semantics of 'Knows' -Page
Kevin Kelly, Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA: KellySelected PublicationsKellyKevin Kelly Research
kleinKlein, Peter D., Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
—— skeptizismus"Human Knowledge and the Infinite Regress of Reasons"
KutachDouglas Kutach
KutlusoyKutlusoy, Zekiye: "The Significance and Priority of Evidential Basis in Epistemic Justification"
KuznetsKuznets, Roman: Justification Logic Bibliography, 2009
plantingaKvanvig, Jonathan L.: "Plantinga's Proper Function Account of Warrant"
—— KvanvigPublications
lehrerLehrer, Keith: Coherence, Knowledge and Causality
skeptizismusLudlow, Peter
lehrerLuper, Steve: Philosophy Department, Trinity University, San Antonio, TX
Morton, Adam, University of Alberta: mortonpublicationsmortonsome published and a few unpublished papers
MakinsonMakinson, David Clement
Marple Miss Marple (Agatha Christie) about kinds of knowledge, to be in a position to know, ...
MinnesotaMinnesota Studies in the Philosophy of Science Vol I-XIV online!
Notre Dame Philosophical ReviewsNotre Dame Philosophical Reviews
papersOnline Papers in Philosophy
papersPeople with online papers in philosophy
plantingaWarrant and Belief: An Interview with Alvin Plantinga
PollockJohn L. Pollock, Publications
pritchardDuncan Pritchard: Abstracts Index
worksMiscellany of Works on Probabilistic Thinking
putnamPutnam, Hilary: "Brains in a Vat". In: Reason, Truth, and History. Cambridge UP: 1982. S. 1-21
RamachandranRamachandran, Murali: Published articles + Unpublished (including work in progress)
researchResearch: Archive of papers and technical reports
blogRutgers Epistemology Conference
RysiewPatrick Rysiew (rhymes with the North American "issue")
salernoSalerno, Joe: "Knowability Noir: 1945-1963" (pdf)
SalzedoSalzedo, Simon: "On the Analysis of Conditionals"
ErkenntnisSchulte, Peter: Einführung in die Erkenntnistheorie Seminar WS 2006/07
ErkenntnisSchurz, Gerhard: Vorlesung Erkenntnistheorie, Skriptum 1995 (pdf)
sellarsSellars, Wilfrid: "Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind"
shoemakerShoemaker, John, University of Rochester
ShogenjiShogenji, Tomoji
siderSider, Ted: Papers
skeptizismusThe Society for Skeptical Studies
sorensenSorensen, Roy: Online Papers
sosaSosa, Ernest: OnlinePapers
stanleyStanley, Jason
steupSteup, Matthias: Epistemology Page
stichStich, Stephen: Publications
Sudduth, Michael: (sudduthMichael Sudduth's Analytic Philosophy of Religion Webauftritt)
sudduthPhilosophy of Knowledge, Course Papers 2000 – sudduthThe Epistemology of Religious Belief, Dissertation
sudduthSudduth's Published Papers
William J. Talbott: ErkenntnisIntroduction to EpistemologyErkenntnisEpistemology
thagardThagard, Paul
TitelbaumMike Titelbaum's Website
uaiUAI - Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
warfieldWarfield, Ted A.: "When epistemic closure does and does not fail: a lesson from the history of epistemology"
ErkenntnisHeinrich Watzka: Vorlesung Erkenntnistheorie (WS 2005/06)
Weatherson, Brian: WeathersonBrian's Papers PageWeatherson "Scepticism, Rationalism and Externalism", (pdf)
und mit seinem Blog WeathersonThoughts Arguments and Rants
Ralph Wedgwood: Wedgwoodonline papersWedgwoodpublications
skeptizismusWeiner, Matt: "Papers by Matt Weiner", University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
ErkenntnisJonathan Weisberg: Formal Epistemology
wheelerGregory Wheeler, Artificial Intelligence Center,Universidade Nova de Lisboa; Papers unter "Research"
WhitcombDennis Whitcomb
WilholtTorsten Wilholt: Veröffentlichungen
WillaschekWillaschek, Marcus: Online-Texte
contextualismMarcus Willaschek (2007): Contextualism about Knowledge and Justification by Default (pdf)
JustificationMarcus Willaschek: Epistemic Justification as Defeasible and Discourse-Dependent (pdf)
John WilliamsJohn Williams
WilliamsonJon Williamson
WilliamsonWilliamson, Timothy; jede Menge Papers online
WilliamsonWilliamson, Timothy (2009): "Probability and Danger". The Amherst Lecture in Philosophy
Hannes Ole Matthiessen, Marcus Willaschek (2009): Lexikonartikel: WissenWissen (pdf)
SchwarzWolfgang Schwarz: "wo's weblog"

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