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donne Charles Bukowskidonne John Donnedonne Chester Himesdonne Joyce Carol Oates
Charles Bukowski
16.8.1920 Andernach/Rhein – 9.3.1994 Los Angeles; charlesLinksammlung
"It takes a wise man to make it without working."
Post Office, 1971. P.38
John Donne
22.1. (2.?) 1572? 1573? London – 31.3.1631 London
Englischer Geistlicher, Dichter und Prediger; sprachgewaltigster Lyriker

I said to all my profane mistresses,
Beauty, of pitty, foulnesse onely is
A signe of rigour: so I say to thee,
To wicked spirits are horrid shapes assign'd,
This beauteous forme assures a pitious minde.
Hervorhebung durch H.H.
Ich sagte meiner Liebsten, daß ein Zeichen
Der Milde Schönheit sei, Häßlichkeit eines
Von Unbarmherzigkeit - so sag ich dir:
Bösen Geister sind in schreckliche Formen eigen,
Diese schöne Form zeugt von einem milden Geist.
Übersetzung durch H.H.
Aus: Holy Sonnets XIII. "What if this present were the worlds last night?"
And when she buries a man, that action concerns me: all mankind is of one author and is one volume; when one man dies, one chapter is not torn out of the book, but translated into a better language; and every chapter must be so translated. Das "she" bezieht sich auf die zuvor genannte katholische Kirche: "The church is catholic, universal, so are all her actions ...". – Mit dem Tod wird – nach Donne – das Lebenskapitel in ein anderes Buch übertragen: es wird in ein besseres Dasein überführt.
No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friend's or of thine own were. Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee. Donne erinnert an die Zusammengehörigkeit der Menschheit: wenn einer stirbt (für den die Sterbeglocke läutet), stirbt auch etwas im Autor. Damit betrifft das Läuten jeden. Ernest Hemingway verwendete "For whom the bell tolls" als Romantitel.
Devotions upon Emergent Occasions, Meditation XVII. Hervorhebungen und Anmerkungen von mir, H.H.  
Chester Himes
29.7.1909 Jefferson City (Missouri) – 12.11.1984 Moraira (Provinz Alicante, Spanien)
donne The Harlem Cycledonne If He Hollers Let Him Go

“I started out to write a detective story when I wrote that novel, but I couldn’t name the white man who was guilty because all white men were guilty.”
My Life of Absurdity: The Later Years
I kept on his tail until I could pull up beside him, then I leaned out the window and shouted, 'This ain't Alabama, you peckerwood son of a bitch. When you want to pull out of line, stick out your hand.'
If He Hollers Let Him Go, 13
When I ducked to pass through the access opening in the transverse bulkhead I noticed some words scrawled above and straightened up to read them: 'Don't duck, Okie, you're tough.'
If He Hollers Let Him Go, 18
I was a man like any other man; I wasn't asking any favours, and I wasn't taking no kicks.
If He Hollers Let Him Go, 116
"You'll never get anything from these goddamn white people unless you fight them."
Ben in If He Hollers Let Him Go, 121
"Read and run, nigger; if you can't read, run anyhow."
If He Hollers Let Him Go, 142
"Life is just one damned thing after another."
Alice in If He Hollers Let Him Go, 165
'If anybody finds out I'm stooling for you I be scared to shake my head.' He was referring to a story they tell in Harlem about two jokers in a razor fight and one says, 'Man, you ain't cut me,' and the other one says, 'If you don't believe I done cut you, just shake you head and it goin' to fall off.'
The Crazy Kill, 411
You can't just settle everything by killing people.
The Crazy Kill, 469

Jackson was as crazy about her as moose for doe..
A Rage in Harlem, 4
But the kind of trouble they were in now would make a rat eat red pepper.
A Rage in Harlem, 24
'How you know she ain't sweet on the stud? Might not be your money she's after. Might just be a change of the sheets.'
A Rage in Harlem, 34
Colored folks and trouble, Jackson thought, like two mules hitched to the same wagon.
A Rage in Harlem, 94
He leaned out of his window and yelled, 'You ain't plowing cotton in Mississippi, you black son of a bitch. This is New York City, the Big Apple, where people drive -'
The Real Cool Killers, 188
'Nigger, you sure are black.
When you was a baby your mama must'a had to chalk your mouth to tell where to stick it.'
The Real Cool Killers, 222
'Don't play with me,' Grave Digger said with a sudden show of anger. 'This ain't the movies; this is real...'
The Real Cool Killers, 234
If trouble was money, everybody in Harlem would be a millionaire.
The Real Cool Killers, 320
"That's the trouble with Christanity, the good things is always sinful."
John in Cotton Comes to Harlem, 20
He turned and said, "Excuse me, I wasn't looking."
"That's what's on all them tombstones," Grave Digger said.

Cotton Comes to Harlem, 152

“Blink once, you're robbed,” Coffin Ed advised the white man slumming in Harlem.
“Blink twice, you're dead,” Grave Digger added drily.

Blind Man With a Pistol, 194
"We just get pissed-off with all the red tape ...We just want to get down to the nitty-gritty."
Grave Digger in Blind Man With a Pistol
"Always praying. Believing in the philosophy of forgiveness and love. Trying to overcome by love. That's the white Jesus's philosophy. It won't work for you. It only work for whitey. It's whitey's con. Whitey invented it, just like he invented the white Jesus. We're gonna drop the praying altogether."
Blind Man With a Pistol, 265
Joyce Carol Oates, eigentlich Rosamond Smith
* 16.6. 1938 Lockport (New York)
"In a democracy, every shithead's a potential vote."
What I Lived For. S.553

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