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Wilkie Collins Moonstone
Wilkie Collins
1824 – 1889 – collins Rezension: The Moonstone
"Study your wife closely, for the next four-and-twenty hours. If your good lady doesn't exhibit something in the shape of a contradiction in that time, Heaven help you! – you have married a monster." – Gabriel Betteredge in The Moonstone, 88
"I follow the plan adopted by the Queen in opening Parliament – namely, the plan of saying much the same thing regularly every year."Gabriel Betteredge in The Moonstone, 93
"She was ... a spiritually-minded person, with a fine show of collar-bone and a pretty taste in champagne; liked it dry, you understand, and plenty of it." – Gabriel Betteredge in The Moonstone, 103
"Every human institution (Justice included) will stretch a little, if you only pull it the right way."Gabriel Betteredge in The Moonstone, 120
"Facts?" he repeated. "Take a drop more grog, Mr Franklin, and you'll get over the weakness of believing in facts ! Foul play, sir !" – The Moonstone, 361
Vergleiche: Die Realität ist eine Illusion, die durch Mangel an Drogen entsteht. (Herkunft unbekannt)
"My life was not a very hard life to bear, while I was a thief. It was only when they taught me at the reformatory to feel my own degradation, and to try for better things, that the days grew long and weary." – Rosanna Spearman in The Moonstone, 363
"We are all of us more or less unwilling to be brought into the world. And we are all of us right."Ezra Jennings in The Moonstone, 372
"To speak seriously, it is perhaps possible that my German training was in some degree responsible for the labyrinth of useless speculations in which I now involved myself. For the greater part of the night, I sat smoking, and building up theories, one more profoundly improbable than another. When I did get to sleep, my waking fancies pursued me indreams. I rose the next morning, with Objective-Subjective and Subjective-Objective inextricably entangled together in my mind, and I began the day which was to witness my next effort at practical action of some kind, by doubting whether I had nay sort of right (on purely philosophical grounds) to consider any sort of thing (the Diamond included) as existing at all" – Franklin Blake in The Moonstone, 408

Wilkie Collins Moonstone
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