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Gary Richard Thompson
Gary Richard Thompson
Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA.
Poe's Fiction. Romantic Irony in the Gothic Tales (1973), Gothic Imagination: Essays in Dark Romanticism (1974). His Poe studies include the Library of America edition of Poe's Essays and Reviews (1984) and a monograph on Poe and Schlegel, Romantic Arabesque, Contemporary Theory, and Postmodernism (1989), The Art of Authorial Presence: Hawthorne's Provincial Tales (1993), Neutral Ground: New Traditionalism and the American Romance Controversy (1999).
"Just as existence may be God's hoax on man, the ultimate grotesquerie."
Poe's Fiction. Romantic Irony in the Gothic Tales. xii
Hinweis: wer nach Büchern von Gary Richard Thompson sucht, möge es auch mit G. R. Thompson versuchen; einige seiner Bücher sind nur so zu finden.

Gary Richard Thompson
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