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Ralph Waldo Ellison
Ralph Waldo Ellison
1.3. 1914 Oklahoma City – 16.4. 1994 New York
"As a form, the blues is an autobiographical chronicle of personal catastrophe expressed lyrically."
"Richard Wright's Blues", The New Republic, 1945
Alle nachfolgenden Zitate aus Invisible Man. ellison Rezension
Mr. Trueblood: "... no matter how biggity a nigguh gits, thew white folks can always cut him down." (48)
"Why, the dumbest black bastard in the cotton patch knows that the only way to please a white man is to tell him a lie!" (116)
"And remember you don't have to be a complete fool in order to succeed." (127)
"You talk too damn much, man," he said. "You talk and you don't say nothing." (128)
"Start thinking with your mind and not your emotions." (303)
And I knew that it was better to live out one's own absurdity than to die for that of others... (450).

Ralph Waldo Ellison
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