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Kinky Richard Friedman
Kinky Richard F. Friedman
31. 10.1944 Rio Duckworth, nahe Palestine, Texas oder in Chicago, Illinois
Siehe auch friedman Schock und Spass in Texten der Fiftiesfriedman Autor Friedman
"Things have been a little rough for me lately. I lost my wife last month.
In a poker game." "Acknowledgments" in Meanwhile Back at the Ranch
"They hunt Christians around here?" I asked.
"If they did," said Nancy, "They'd probably come home empty-handed." S. 94
"Nothing stops rush hour but the return of the messiah." S. 149
"One thing you've got to love about New York...Nobody sees or gives a damn about anything." S. 176
"Just like Jesus reportedly told the Mexicans: »Don't do anything until I get back«", S. 121
"The missionaries told the bow their heads and pray. By the time they looked up, their land was gone." God Bless John Wayne, S. 95
"...he, too, went to Jesus [=died] and I went back to Texas, which many New Yorkers consider to be almost the same thing." S. 79
"They say if you light a cigarette the waiter immediately shows up with your food."
God Bless John Wayne, S. 20

Kinky Richard Friedman
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