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Jerzy Kosinski
14. 6. 1933 Lodz, Polen – 3. Mai 1991 New York, Schriftsteller
"I am going to put myself to sleep now for a bit longer than usual. Call the time Eternity."
Kosinki's suicide note
"Alas," the woman said, "in this country, when we dream of reality, television wakes us. To millions, the war, I suppose, is just another TV program."
Being There, 1971
Hubert Selby jr.
23.7. 1928 New York – 26.4.2004, Schriftsteller; selbyHubert Selby, Jr. Official Webauftritt and Bio
"If you're not willing to die you will never live."
in Hubert Selby jr.: 2 oder 3 Dinge. Porträt von Ludovic Cantais, arte 8.3.2000
Isaac Bashevis Singer
14.7. 1904 Radzymin (bei Warschau) – 24.7. 1991 Miami (Florida), Schriftsteller

"Snatch it all while you can!"
in The Penitent, S. 90

Zitate von Isaac Bashevis Singer
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