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Joseph Heller
30.4.1923, New York – 12.Dezember 1999 East Hampton bei New York – heller Rezension: Joseph Heller: Catch-22
Colonel Cargill vor Offizieren der US Airforce: "You're American officers. The officers of no other army in the world can make that statement. Think about it." Catch-22, S. 40; vergleiche: heller JU Kreisverband Rosenheim
"I wonder what he did to deserve it," the warrant officer with malaria and a mosquito bite on his ass lamented after Nurse Cramer had read her thermometer and discoverd that the soldier in white was dead.
"He went to war," the fighter pilot with the golden mustache surmised.
"We all went to war," Dunbar countered.
"That's what I mean..."
Catch-22. London: Vintage 1994. 218
In einer Schlüsselszene um den Catch-22 geht es darum, daß Flieger Yossarian untauglich für den Kampfeinsatz geschrieben werden will (to ground someone).
'You're wasting your time,' Doc Daneeka was forced to tell him.    
'Can't you ground someone who's crazy?'
'Oh, sure. I have to. There's a rule saying I have to ground anyone who's crazy.'
'Then why don't you ground me? I'm crazy. Ask Clevinger.'
'Clevinger? Where is Clevinger? You find Clevinger and I'll ask him.'
'Then ask any of the others. They'll tell you how crazy I am.'
'They're crazy.'
'Then why don't you ground them?'
'Why don't they ask me to ground them?'
'Because they're crazy, that's why.'
'Of course they're crazy,' Doc Daneeka replied. 'I just told you they're crazy, didn't I? And you can't let crazy people decide whether you're crazy or not, can you?'
Yossarian looked at him soberly and tried another approach. 'Is Orr crazy?'
'He sure is,' Doc Daneeka said.
'Can you ground him?'
'I sure can. But first he has to ask me to. That's part of the rule.'
'Then why doesn't he ask you to?'
'Because he's crazy,' Doc Daneeka said. 'He has to be crazy to keep flying combat missions after all the close calls he's had. Sure, I can ground Orr. But first he has to ask me to.'
'That's all he has to do to be grounded?'
'That's all. Let him ask me.'
'And then you can ground him?' Yossarian asked.
'No. Then I can't ground him.'
'You mean there's a catch?'
'Sure there's a catch,' Doc Daneeka replied. 'Catch-22. Anyone who wants to get out of combat duty isn't really crazy.'
Catch-22. London: Vintage 1994. 61-62.
"He knew everything about literature except how to enjoy it."
"It doesn't make a damned bit of difference who wins the war to someone who's dead."
"... with what matters did God occupy himself in all the infinite aeons before the Creation?"
"When people disagreed with him, he urged them to be objective." Catch-22, S. 405
"One good apple can spoil the rest."
Catch-22, 1961

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