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Doris Lessing
Doris May Lessing
* 22.10. 1919 Kermanschah (Iran); später in Rhodesien, ab 1949 in England
Under my Skin
"Yet nothing in history suggests that we may expect anything but wars, tyrants, sickness, bad times, calamities, while good times are always temporary." (S. 16)
Kommentar: Bad times are always temporary, too.
"The older girls ...: »It's only Catholic, we don't believe all that.«" (S. 92)
Noch knapper brachte Ähnliches ein mittelalterlicher Spruch auf den Punkt: "Graeca non leguntur": Es ist Griechisch, das lesen wir nicht.
Doris Lessings erste Erfahrung mit Zensur:
"One term I created, edited and mostly wrote, a House magazine. There was a social column, and verses about prominent or popular personalities. The pages circulated in proof through the dormitory and a deputation of older girls came to ask me to delete this or that. "We don't want the House Mother to know that, do we?" I was shocked. I was appalled. The truth was all, the truth had its rights, the truth must be told . . . but I took out the bits they marked. My first experience of censorship. Tyranny had won." (S. 149)
In politics it is easier to be mad unnoticed than anywhere else." (S. 274)
"In my time I have again and again observed masses of people being carried this way and that by emotion, with as much chance of saying No as fishes in a flood." (S. 277)
"If you are going to read Lenin and Stalin day and night, then political murder will not only be a duty, but heroic." (S. 302)
"There is no doubt fiction makes a better job of the truth" (S. 314)
"When principles are invoked, common sense flies out of the window." (S. 316)
Doris lessing Rezension Under my Skin
"When people die, what we regret is, not having talked to them enough." The Diaries of Jane Somers, S.70
"For she says the Americans are the most conforming people on earth, and even when they rebel they do it in droves, and always wear the same as the other non-conformers." The Diaries of Jane Somers, S. 166
"I'm in an Encounter Group, did I tell you? Ten of us. We scream abuse at each other and relive our ghastly childhoods." "I didn't know you had a ghastly childhood." The Diaries of Jane Somers, S. 173

Doris Lessing
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