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Dorothy Sayers
D. B. C. Pierre – Dorothy L. Sayers
D. B. C. Pierre
eigentlich: Peter Warren Finlay * Australien, später in den USA und Mexico, lebt in Irland – pierre Rezension
"What happens with sassy music is you get floated away from yourself, then snap back to reality too hard. I hate that. The only antidote is to just stay depressed." Vernon God Little, S. 148
"then you hear giggles. I fucken hat that. Your chances with a girl fall sharply in the vicinity of giggles." Vernon God Little, S. 155
"I wait in the name of all the conclusive knowledge, collected throughout the history of the world, that says girls just can't resist bad boys." Vernon God Little, S. 156. Hervorhebung H.H.
Dorothy Leigh Sayers
13.6. 1893 Oxford – 17.12. 1957 Witham (County Essex); Schriftstellerin
As I grow older and older,
And totter towards the tomb,
I find that I care less and less
Whom goes to bed with whom.

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