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Zitate von John Henry mackay Mackay – John Mackinnon Robertson – Josiah Charles stamp Stamp
John Henry Mackay
1864 Greenock, Schottland – 1933 Berlin
mackay Richard Strauss Vertonungen von Gedichten von John Henry Mackay
John Henry Mackay bekennt sich zur Induktion aus der Erfahrung
"Und morgen wird die Sonne wieder scheinen"
Anfang des von mackay Richard Strauss und Max Reger vertonten Gedichts "Morgen"
"I am an Anarchist! Wherefore I will
Not rule, and also ruled I will not be!"

Ende des Gedichts Mackay"Anarchy"
John Mackinnon Robertson
14. 11. 1856 Arran, Schottland – 5. 1. 1933 London
Journalist, Liberaler Abgeordneter, Rationalist – RobertsonThoemmesRobertsonWikipedia
"I would have you realize very clearly that all discussion, all criticsm, whether wise or unwise, is reasoning. The blunderers who warn you against reason are bad or temporarily confused reasoners. There is no getting away from reasoning, save by way of insanity, and insanity simulates the process of reasoning." Zitiert nach Max Black: Critical Thinking. Englewood Cliffs 1953. 2. Aufl. S. 54; sidgwick Rezension
 Josiah Charles Stamp
21. Juni 1880 – 16.4.1941, Industrieller, Statistiker, Direktor der Bank of England und Vorstand der London Midland and Scottish Railway – stampJosiah Charles Stamp
"We know well that a fallacy that would be obvious to all in a three-line syllogism may deceive the elect in 400 pages of crowded fact and argument ... I think it is a useful exercise for any of us ... to reduce any book of whose conclusions we are doubtful into a set of formal syllogisms and lay bare the bones of the argument."
Zitiert nach Max Black: Critical Thinking. Englewood Cliffs 1953. 2. Aufl. S. 13; sidgwick Rezension

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