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Zitate von Agatha Christie
15. September 1890 Torquay, Grafschaft Devon – 12. Januar 1976 Wallingford, Oxfordshire – Marple Agatha Christie
Rechtsanwalt Petherick: "Imagination is a very dangerous thing, as we lawyers know only too well. To be able to sift evidence impartially, to take the facts and look at them as facts – that seems to me the only logical method of arriving at the truth".
 “The Tuesday Night Club”, dt. Der Dienstagabend-Club, S. 306
[Sir Henry Clithering, Ex-Commissioner of Scotland Yard] »If you have knowledge of the kind you claim, you must go to the police.«
»I don't think I can do that,« said Miss Marple.
»But why not?«
»Because you see, I haven't got any—what you call knowledge
»You mean it's only a guess on your part?«
»You can call it that, if you like, but it's not really that at all. I know. I'm in a position to know; but if I gave my reasons for knowing to Inspector Drewitt—well, he'd simply laugh. And really, I don't know that I'd blame him. It's very difficult to understand what you might call specialized knowledge.«

“Death by Drowning” [1931] Zitiert nach Agatha Christie: Miss Marple. The Complete Short Stories: Over 50 Stories, S. 512. Kursivsetzung im Original
Eine Nonne:
“The things we call supernatural is only the natural of which the laws are not yet understood”.
"The Hound of Death", 1933, in: Marple Miss Marple. The Complete Short Stories: Over 50 Stories
Poirots Bekannter Bonnington durchschaut die Welt. “Mess!” meint er. “That's what's the matter with the world nowadays. Too much mess. And too much fine language. The fine language helps to conceal the mess.”
Diese Diagnose ist immer noch gültig.
"Four-and-Twenty Blackbirds" in poirot Hercule Poirot. The Complete Short Stories: Over 50 Stories

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