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Bellow O'Neill
Zitate nordamerikanischer Literaturnobelpreisträger
Saul BellowEugene O'Neill
Saul Bellow
10.7. 1915 Lachine (bei Montreal); 1976 Nobelpreis für Literatur
[Lily:] "It's good that you are more able to accept reality."
"What?" I said. "I know more about reality than you'll ever know. I am on damned good terms with reality, and don't you forget it."
Henderson the Rain King, S. 36
[Henderson:] "Death will annihilate you and nothing will remain, and there will be nothing left but junk. Because nothing will have been and so nothing will be left." – Henderson the Rain King, S. 40
"The world of facts is real, all right, and not to be altered. The physical is all there, and it belongs to science. But then there is the noumenal department, and there we create and create and create. As we tread our overanxious ways, we think we know what is real." – Henderson the Rain King, S. 167
[Gene Henderson:] "She is one of those Madison Avenue dollies who have their back teeth pulled to produce a fashionabel look (sunken cheeks)." – Henderson the Rain King, S. 281
"Last year we went around the world. This year I think we're going somewhere else."
Henderson the Rain King, S. 282
"Wir hamma heuer mal so eine Weltreise g'macht. Aber ich sag's Ihnen gleich wia's is: da fahrma nimmer hin"
Gerhard Polt: "Kulturreise"

Eugene O'Neill
16.10.1888, New York – 27.11.1953, Boston; 1936 Nobelpreis für Literatur – Eugene O'Neill Autor Eugene O'Neill
[Ezra:] "Life was a dying. Being born was starting to die. Death was being born." Homecoming, III
[Seth:] "There's times when a man's a darn fool not to be scared!" The Haunted, I, 1
[Lavinia:] "I hope ther is a hell for the good somewhere!" The Haunted, IV
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"Born in a hotel room—and God damn it—died in a hotel room!"
O'Neill auf dem Sterbebett, Tom Scanlan: Family, Drama, and American Dreams. Westport, Conn. 1978, S. 84
[Scott:] "It's hard to tell who's jokin' and who's not in this house." I, 2
[Andrew:] "Everything 'll turn out all right in the end." I, 2
[Andrew:] "I'd rather go through a typhoon again than write a letter." II, 2
[Mrs.Atkins:] »Kate, the proof of the puddin's in the eatin'« II,2, stammt von Eugene O'Neill Cervantes
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"You can't be too careful about work. It's the deadliest habit known to science, ..."
Ed Mosher in The Iceman Cometh, I.

Bellow O'Neill
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