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Walter Mosley
Afroamerikanischer Schriftsteller, * 1950 Los Angeles – Mosley Autor Walter Mosley
"He knew Luvia lived in a completely different world than he did. Maybe the world she saw had different colors; maybe there were truths revealed to her scrutiny that Socrates missed."
Walkin' the Dog, S.94
Mosley spricht Wahrnehmungsprobleme an, wie das invertierte Farbenspektrum

und Walter Mosley Qualia in Gedankenexperimenten.
"Keep your hands to yourself if you wanna keep 'em at all"
Socrates Fortlow in Walkin' the Dog, S. 9
"A man, no matter how good he is, makes a mess"
Cynthia in Walkin' the Dog, S. 142
"I mean just 'cause they let you outta prison that don't mean you're free. And if you in jail that don't mean you're guilty or bad"
Socrates Fortlow in Walkin' the Dog, S. 196
"Anythin goos they could always take away from you, ... And what's already bad they could always make worse"
Cap Richmond, Gefängnisinsasse in Walkin' the Dog, S. 199
“The law,” he continued “is made by the rich people so that the poor people can't get ahead.”
Devil in a Blue Dress. 1990
"I'm sayin'," Socrates said, looking the old veteran in the eye, "that killin' ain't no answer for civilized men. I'm sayin' that bein' right won't wash the blood from your hands."
Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned. 1998
"'cause I wanna know how to break the rules. Because any black man that ever did a thing for hisself broke the rules—he had to because the rules say that a black man cain't have nuthin'."
Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned. 1998

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