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Cornell Woolrich
Jack London
eigentlich: John Griffith Chaney; 12. Januar 1876 San Francisco – 22. November 1916 Glen Ellen, Kalifornien
Cornell Woolrich Autorenseite Jack London

»Tell me,« I said, »when one surrenders his personal feelings to his professional feelings, may not the action be defined as a sort of spiritual mayhem?«
Jack London: The Iron Heel, Chap. 4 "Slaves of the Machine"
Cornell Woolrich
4.12.1903 New York – 25.9.1968 Pseudonym: William Irish und George Hopley; Schriftsteller;
Cornell Woolrich Autorenseite Cornell Woolrich

"They said there were two things that never changed, death and taxes; they should have added a third—children's games." – The Bride Wore Black, 2. Kap. 1940
"Why do you have to be old before you meet anyone thrilling, before anything exciting happens to you?"
Stoßseufzer einer Heranwachsenden, The Bride Wore Black, 5. Kap. 1940

Cornell Woolrich
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