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Black Elk
Nicholas Black Elk
zitiert nach neihardt Black Elk Speaks. The Life Story of a Holy Man of the Oglala Sioux as Told to John G. Neihardt
"Once we were happy in our own country and we were seldom hungry, for then the two-leggeds and the four-leggeds lived together like relatives, and there was plenty for them and for us. But the Wasichus [die Weißen] came, and they have made little islands for us and other little islands for the fourleggeds, and always these islands are becoming smaller, for around them surges the gnawing flood of the Wasichu; and it is dirty with lies and greed." (S. 9)
"[T]hey made a treaty with Red Cloud that said our country would be ours as long as grass should grow and water flow. You can see that it is not the grass and the water that have forgotten." (S. 18)

"They talked and talked for days, but it was just like wind blowing in the end", S. 81
"But only crazy or very foolish men would sell their Mother Earth", S. 139
"... nothing can live well except in a manner suited to the way the Power of the World lives and moves to do its work", S. 216
"There were many lies, but we could not eat them. The forked tongue made promises", S. 218
Nach der Niedermetzelung der Indianer am Wounded Knee Creek:
"It was a good winter day when all this happened. The sun was shining. But after the soldiers marched away from their dirty work, a heavy snow began to fall. The wind came up in the night. There was a big blizzard, and it grew very cold. The snow drifted deep in the crooked gulch, and it was one long grave of butchered women and children and babies, who had never done any harm and were only trying to run away." (S. 268)

Black Elk
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