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Richard Wright
Richard Wright
4.9.1908 Natchez (Mississippi) – 28.11. 1960 Paris; Schriftsteller – Autor Richard Wright
"When you come back we will buy a small bottle of rum for you and your wife, and I will drink it." Wright zu Langston Hughes, zitiert nach Rowley, Hazel: Richard Wright. The Life and Times, S. 217
"We sneered at voting, for we felt that the choice between one political crook and another was too small for serious thought." American Hunger, S. 27
"In shaking hands I was doing something that I was to do countless times in the years to come: acting in conformity with what others expected of me even though, by the very nature and form of my life, I did not and could not share their spirit." Black Boy, 1945, S.45
Über Literatur
"[I]t was the gateway to a forbidden and enchanting land." Black Boy, 1945, S. 49
"Because I had no power to make things happen outside of me in the objective world, I made things happen within. Because my environment was bare and bleak, I endowed it with unlimited potentialities, redeemed it for the sake of my own hungry and cloudy yearning." Black Boy, 1945, S. 82-83
"These fantasies were no longer a reflection of my reaction to the white people, they were a part of my living, of my emotional life; they were a culture, a creed, a religion." Black Boy, 1945, S. 84
Über Religion
"While listening to the vivid language of the sermons I was pulled toward emotional belief, but as soon as I went out of the church and saw the bright sunshine and felt the throbbing life of the people in the streets I knew that none of it was true and that nothing would happen." Black Boy, 1945, S. 113
"... on more than one occasion she interpreted my mother's long illness as the result of my faithlessness. 1 became skilled in ignoring these cosmic threats and developed a callousness toward all metaphysical preachments." Black Boy, 1945, S. 115
"I went to school, feeling that my life depended not so much upon my learning as upon getting into another world of people." Black Boy, 1945, S. 135
"It was inconceivable to me that one should surrender to what seemed wrong ..."
Black Boy, 1945, S. 181
"I knew that all southern white men fancied themselves as friends of niggers." Black Boy, 1945, S. 256
Über das Rassenproblem
"Nothing about the problems of Negroes was ever taught in the class rooms at school; and whenever I would raise these questions with the boys, they would either remain silent or turn the subject into a joke." Black Boy, 1945, S. 181
"He was going among white people, so he would take his knife and his gun; it would make him feel that he was the equal of them, give him a sense of completeness." Native Son, 1940, S.44
"...After all, these black boys never get a chance...."
"They don't need a chance, if you ask me. They got in enough trouble without it."
Native Son, 1940, S. 154
"Bessie's whiskey was his mother's religion." – Native Son, 1940, S. 226

Richard Wright
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