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Rose Terry Cooke
17.2.1827 Wethersfield, Conn. – 18.7.1892 Pittsfield, Mass. – cooke Autorin Rose Terry Cooke
"... passion flies like a summer tempest and leaves devastation along its track."
"Women's Views of Divorce", The North American Review 1890, S. 126
"Ef you was the last man in the livin' universe I would n't tech ye with the tongs."
Celia Barnes Antwort auf den Alfred Hatchs Heiratsantrag. How Celia Changed her Mind, S. 135
"... separation and death symbolize in the slow leaves that quit the bough reluctantly, and lie down in dust to be overtrodden—to rot" My Visitation, S. 14-15
"Of that day it is best to say but little: the world cracked and reeled under me; I returned from a brief stupor into one bitter, blind tempest of contempt..." My Visitation, S. 24
"Age is not counted by years, nor calculated from one's birth; it is a fact of wear and work, altogether unconnected with the calendar." The Ring Fetter, S. 38
"For what are women born but to be married? Old maids are excrescences in the social system,—disagreeable utilities,—persons who have failed to fulfil their destiny,—and of whom it should have been said, rather than of ghosts, that they are always in the wrong." The Ring Fetter, S. 41-42
"... the novelist's chatechims hath for its preface this creed,—»The chief end of woman is to get married«" The Ring Fetter, S. 42
"... liquor made him savage, fierce, brutal, excited his fiendish temper to its height, nerved his muscular system, inflamed his brain, and gave him the aspect of a devil;..." The Ring Fetter, S. 44
"»My brother,« said he gently, »this evil is from the hand of the Lord: bear it like a Christian.«"
Freedom Wheeler's Controversy, S. 86
"To him life was a brief and bitter pilgrimage toward heaven." Some Account of Thomas Tucker, S. 234 "He lived only to prepare for death, and to see that his kindred followed in that straight way."
Some Account of Thomas Tucker, S. 235

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