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William Styron
* 11. Juni 1925 in Newport News, Virginia; US-amerikanischer Schriftsteller
"Pshaw!" she exclaimed. "Don't blandish me with Scripture."
The Confessions of Nat Turner, S. 325; styron Rezension
Tennessee Williams
eigentlich Thomas Lanier Williams, 26.3. 1911 Columbus (Mississippi) – 25.2. 1983 New York
[Blanche:] "I don't tell truth, I tell what ought to be truth", A Streetcar Named Desire, 9. Szene
[Eunice:] "Life has got to go on. No matter what happens, you've got to keep on going",
A Streetcar Named Desire, 11. Szene. Das hätte sicher Viktor Frankl gut gefallen, siehe Haddon Klingberg: When Life Calls Out to Us: The Love and Lifework of Viktor and Elly Frankl, williams Rezension
williamsA Streetcar Named Desire
williams The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone

Tennessee Williams
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