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Ha Jin
* 21. Februar 1956 in Jinzhou, Nord-China; heisst eigentlich Xuefei Jin, Professor an der Boston University
Von den chinesischen Soldaten wird die Ausführung widersprüchlicher Befehle erwartet.
"The telegram ordered us to reach Eagle Peak, in the northeast, and stated that our army was regrouping beyond Maping Village. The higher-ups seemed in confusion too—the message didn't make sense, the two places were in opposite directions." War Trash, S. 25
"Either you become their friends or their enemy. The Communists don't believe anyone can remain neutral ..." War Trash, S. 123
"What amazed me was that he thought of Marxism not as a sociological theory but as a kind of religion." War Trash, S. 126
"I had noticed that there was a kind of religious fervor in some of these men, who were capable of laying down their lives for an idea. However silly the idea might be, the act of self-sacrifice made them truly remarkable. Potenially many of them were heroes." War Trash, S. 250
Alle Zitate aus War Trash, 2005; Jin Rezension

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