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Paul Auster
* 3. Februar 1947 Newark, New Jersey – auster Rezension: Moon Palace
"Every man is the author of his own life"; Onkel Victor in Moon Palace, S. 7
Vergleiche Gloria Gaynor:
"I am what I am
 I am my own special creation" ...
"I bang my own drum
 Some think it's noise I think it's pretty" ...
"I deal my own deck
 Sometimes the aces sometimes the deuces"
Aus: "I Am What I Am" (Text: Gloria Gaynor; Single: Chrysalis 1983)
aus dem Album »I am Gloria Gaynor«, 1984

"There is a particular gaze that comes over the eyes of New Yorkers when they walk through the streets, a natural and perhaps necessary form of indifference to others. It doesn't matter how you look, for example. Outrageous costumes, bizarre hairdos, T-shirts with obscene slogans printed accross them—no one pays attention to such things." Moon Palace (S. 56)
"Libraries aren't the real world, after all. They're places apart, sanctuaries of pure thought. In that way, I can go on living on the moon for the rest of my life", Julian Barber alias Thomas Effing in Moon Palace (S. 217).
"There was never an ounce of truth in anything he said", Tante Clara in Moon Palace (S. 268).

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