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Ian Rankin
* 1960 in the Kingdom of Fife; schottischer Autor – rankinIan Rankin
"Monday mornings were his true release, a break from the sofa and the bar-stool, the supermarket and curry-house" über den Ermittler John Rebus. The Naming of the Dead, S. 51.
Während andere das Wochenende besingen und den Monday, Monday betrauern, freut sich Rebus auf den Montag. – rankin Besprechung: The Naming of the Dead
Über die Bars und Pubs in seinen Romanen:
"My only rule in choosing these waterin-holes has been: never drink in a bar with bouncers on the door. If they're expecting trouble, trouble is probable on its way". Rebus' Scotland. A Personal Journey, S. 66
rankin Besprechung: Rebus' Scotland. A Personal Journey

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