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Colin Howson
Colin Howson
Philosophy of Science; London School of Economics and Political Science
„We call people dogmatic on a question if whatever you tell them, you know they won't change their mind.. S. 70
„We are reliable cognizers, possessing in our current science an incredibly rich body of highly reliable knowledge. Given that unaided reason, as Hume should take the credit for pointing out, could not have led us to this epistemic cornucopia, our achieving it is either an incredible accident, or there is some systematic and reliable guidance at work. The religious explanation quite properly no longer commands wide assent, and Darwinism supplies the explanatory deficit with the only account which it is scientifically respectable to accept. ... And since there is no evidence at all that adopting any other method of forming of beliefs will be as reliable, we are fully entitled to accept the standards of scientific proof, and with them good scientific explanations where they exist.“
S. 112
Obige Zitate aus:
 Howson Colin Howson: Hume's Problem. Induction and the Justification of Belief.
Oxford: Clarendon, 2000.
Weitere Rezension:
Howson Colin Howson, Peter Urbach: Scientific Reasoning. The Bayesian Approach.
La Salle, Illinois: Open Court, 2006

Colin Howson
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