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Patrick Suppes
J. Angelo Corlett
Professor of Philosophy and Ethics, San Diego State University – CorlettJ. Angelo Corlett
Alvin Plantinga & Richard Swinburne & Hans Küng
„After several dedicted years of study and pratice of Christian doctrine and polity, I lost my faith as powerfully as I gained it years earlier and converted from Christianity to atheism as I realized how Alvin Plantinga's »free will defense« of orthodox Christian theism simply made insufficient sense of the problem of evil [not to mention his own Reformed (Calvinistic) theology], how indequate Richard Swinburne's equally gallant traditional Christian theodicy seemed, and how unsatisfying Hans Küng's exploration was regarding the problem of God.“ (Corlett 2010, S. x)
George W. Bush
„Indeed, an atheist's declaring victory over theism by boldly announcing her atheistic proclivities is a bit like U.S. president G. W. Bush standing on the deck of a U.S. aircraft carrier, in full Pilot's garb, declaring victory over terrorism and in Iraq!“ (S. xiii)
Corlett, J. Angelo (2010): The Errors of Atheism. New York, London: Continuum
Zur Ethik
“The balance of human reason at its best is a far better guide to ethics and truth than the contents of Christian scriptures” (S. 22) Corlett, J. Angelo (2010): The Errors of Atheism. New York, London: Continuum
Kai Nielsen
* 1926 – professor of philosophy at Concordia University in Montreal and professor emeritus of philosophy at the University of Calgary – NielsenKai Nielsen
“... there are no good intellectual grounds for believing in God and yery good ones, perhaps even utterly decisive ones, for not believing in God; and there is nor moral or human need, let alone necessity, for a nonevasive and informed person in the twentieth century to have religious commitments of any kind.” Philosophy and Atheism. In Defense of Atheism. Buffalo, New York: Prometeus, 1985 S. 40
“We need not be forced to religion, against our reason–against what we reasonably believe about the world– to make sense of our lives”. Naturalism and Religion, 2001, S. 13
“A claim that some miracles have really been established to be true or that we have a new perfectly sound argument for the existence of God is more likely to be met with a yawn rather than with philosophical interest.” Naturalism and Religion, 2001, S. 68
Patrick Suppes
* 17.3.1922 Tulsa, Oklahoma. Lucie Stern Professor of Philosophy, Emeritus, Stanford University
suppesPatrick Suppes, Stanford Universitysuppes Belief in astrology as an example in the history of folly
"Kant, like Hume, was long on talk and short on examples", S.28
"Chance or randomness is actually in nature and not simply due to our ignorance of true causes", S. 25
(Im Gegensatz dazu David Hume: "... that what the vulgar call chance is nothing but a secret and conceal'd cause",
David Hume: Treatise, Probability of Causes, wird noch nachgereicht)
"Causality is probabilistic not deterministic in character, and consequently, no inconsistency exists between randomness in nature and the development of causal laws that are statistical or probabilistic in character", S. 50
Probabilistic Metaphysics. Uppsala, Sweden: Uppsala University, 1974

Patrick Suppes
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