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Zitate australischer Philosophen
J. L. Mackie – Kim Sterelny
John Leslie Mackie
25 August 1917 Sydney – 12 December 1981 Oxford – MackieWikipedia
Philosophy, to be any good, must be analytic; but conceptual analysis is not the whole of philosophy. Any genuine progress with philosophical problems requires the sort of argument that takes account of alternative possibilities, that formulates suggestions precisely enough to allow them to be fairly examined and tested, that pays attention to the meaning of words it uses, and that reflects critically on its own procedures. But the aim is to make progress with substantive questions, to apply our concepts to reality or to consider how far they are applicable, not merely to analyse or clarify those conceptes themselves.“ S. vii, Hervorhebung H.H.
Truth, Probability, and Paradox. Studies in Philosophical Logic (1973) Oxford UP
Kim Sterelny
Australian National University (ANU), Sydney und Victoria University, Wellington,
 sterelnyKim SterelnysterelnyOnline Papers

„... we think philosophy is continuous with the natural sciences. On this view, philosophical theories are conjectures whose fate is ultimately determined by empirical investigation .... An alternative conception is to see philosophy as an investigation into conceptual truths proceeding by thought experiments that probe the way we understand our own concepts.“
 The Representational Theory of Mind. Oxford, 1990, S. ix, zitiert nach: S. 23-24, Frank Jackson: "Armchair Metaphysics", in: Michaelis Michael, John O'Leary-Hawthorne, Hg.: Philosophy in Mind. Dordrecht, 1994. S. 23-42

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