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Clinton Roosevelt
Hillary Rodham Clinton
* 26.10.1947 Park Ridge, Illinois – clinton Autobiografie Living History
"In my mind, Dr. King and Mahatma Gandhi had done more to bring about real change through civil disobedience and nonviolence than a million demonstrators throwing rocks ever could." S. 37
"In fact, it's often an advantage if people you hope to persuade underestimate you at first." S. 95
"Despite a developing global culture, the same facts can be and often are viewed through starkly different historical and cultural prisms and the word »freedom« is defined to fit one's political perspective." S. 458
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Anna Eleanor Roosevelt
11.10.1884 New York City – 7.11.1962
"A woman is like a tea bag, – you never know how strong she is until she's in hot water."
"A woman is like a teabag, only in hot water do you realize how strong she is."
Diese Aussage wird manchmal fälschlich Nancy Reagan, Adelle Davis oder Ivana Trump zugeordnet.
Erste Variante zitiert nach Hillary Clinton: Living History, S. 258, clinton Rezension: Living History
"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent", The Wordsworth Dictionary of Quotations

Clinton Roosevelt
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